A Look at Apples New Wireless Headphones

You may have noticed that the latest Apple iPhone no longer has a headphone jack. Apple needed to save some space in its phone and thus couldn’t afford to equip their latest generation phone with a classic headphone jack. Obviously, many people will hate this decision but I guess you will have to live with that omission if you want to purchase their phone.

However, there are some wireless headphones that have been released which promised to be super small and work perfectly with the phone. In fact, they use a proprietary wireless technology. They are tiny and carry batteries inside. Despite having batteries built-in, they are extremely lightweight. Supposedly they last for five hours per charge but I haven’t actually tried that out. Obviously, the operating time also depends on how much you drive the headphones. They don’t have much range but I could cover distance of up to 20 feet.

Obviously, if you are in a crowded bus then I would not recommend taking these wireless headphones with you. It is all that too easy to drop them and then be unable to find them. Using a pair of corded earbuds might not seem as convenient as using wireless headphones but keep in mind that the cord prevents you from losing the earbuds when they accidentally drop out of your ears. Also, using traditional earbuds, you don’t have to worry about recharging batteries.

In addition, Apple is charging a whopping $159 for their wireless headphones. I think they are way overpriced at that price point. However, there will always be fanatics which want to flock into Apple stores to pick up one of the Apple branded products. However, I found the sound quality to be quite poor. So I will not be an early adopter and I have returned the wireless headphones.

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