Some Tips for Using an MP3 Player

In this article, I will look at how to properly use an MP3 player. I will also introduce some of the common functions which are supported by most devices on the market. Please note that modern smart phones have applications which support many of the same functions as MP3 players. Therefore, you can use these tips with your cell phone as well. So just spent a few minutes and read through the next sections. I’m sure that you will uncover some functions which you didn’t realize were available.

The MP3 player has replaced CD players for the most part. The fact is that MP3 players are just much more convenient than CD players. First of all, you don’t have to carry around a collection of CDs. Second of all, MP3 players are much smaller and more rugged. They work even if you knock them around. They are usually small enough so you can store them in your pocket. Also, songs which you have on your MP3 player will last almost indefinitely. You do not have to worry about scraping up you CDs anymore. Also, playing songs from multiple albums is much more easy because you don’t have to flip CDs. So from a user-friendly perspective, MP3 players are superior to CD players.

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Obviously, MP3 compresses the audio to tiny bits. Therefore, the music which you hear is no longer the same quality as you were used to from songs playing from a CD player. That is pretty much the only drawback off MP3 players. However, most modern players nowadays support compression standards other than MP3 which are much more advanced. For example the new standard AAC can reduce the file size much more than MP3. Similarly, if you use AAC instead of MP3 and keep the file size the same then the sound quality will be much superior.

Other than simply playing songs, MP3 players usually allow you to create playlists. That means that you can arrange songs the way you prefer. Obviously, this was totally impossible when using CD players because you would constantly have to shuffle CDs unless you have a player that could store multiple CDs. Another function which is kinda neat is the ability to randomly play songs. Therefore you don’t have to spend time creating lengthy playlists. The player will automatically select songs for you. You can also typically request that the player only select songs from a specific folder. If you store your music according to different genres in different folders then that is an easy way to play songs from a specific genre. However, please note that some MP3 players are not optimized for storing huge music collections. That means to random play function might skip a lot of songs.

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